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Every new project is the result of innovation. Every new challenge is an opportunity to further optimize our products. Our customer-oriented service and high quality products have earned stabaArte the reputation of a leading museums technology provider. Specialized in the storing and handling of art and antiques we translate creative ideas into innovative products. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable team develops individual as well as systemic solution. The client’s practical experiences can directly be incorporated into the design process. ( `We realize your ideas´)

stabaArte GmbH emerged in 2001 out of Wuppermann Lamag GmbH, a company with over 40 years of specialized storage equipment experience. A network of cooperation partners and affiliates allows us to plan and realize projects worldwide. A stabaArte branch services the United States out of Delaware for six years.

stabaArte´s headquarters are located in the heart of the Bergische Land, near the picturesque Schloss Homburg. The integrated museum offers insight into the culture and history of this medieval castle and its surroundings