Pull-out rack for the visible storage of firearms PDF Drucken

In the fall of 2009 stabaArte installed the first unit of pull-out racks for firearms in one of the galleries of the Cody Firearm Museum in Cody, Wyoming. This pilot-phase was intended to determine if this new design will be an effective means to display a larger number of firearms in a given area than has previously been possible.

The museum was looking for a new way to display their firearms collection: one that would allow visitors to view the exhibit from all sides as well as increase the museum’s display capacity.
The current design was chosen after testing various designs in terms of their ability to fulfill the museum’s display criteria as well guarantees safety, stability, easy access, and cost-efficiency.
When an individual pulls out a rack, it is possible to view both sides of each gun in the case. Utilizing stabaArte`s unique linear guiding mechanism Star System, the pull-out racks glide easily and vibration-free along the stainless steel shaft. The drawers of the customized graphic cabinets below hold additional firearms and firearms-related items. The museum estimates that approximately a hundred guns can be placed in the space that currently is required for twenty, thus increasing display capacity by 500%. This will enable the Cody Firearms Museum to put many guns now in storage vaults on display for the benefit of its visitors.
The second Phase of this project will be installed in the fall of 2010.